Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

New County Commissioner Ed Barnes Sworn In, Immediately Hires Former Commissioner and Current Candidate Pridemore as Assistant
"I thought I'd lead by example and show the commissioners how to hire someone who's qualified."

Craig Pridemore (center) filling out paperwork for Ed Barnes (left) and Kelly Love Parker (right),
because he's the only one who knew where to find the pens.

When Clark County commissioners and entropy enthusiasts David Madore and Tom Mielke appointed Ed Barnes to the open seat on the county commission last week, they did so as an open slap in the face to former commissioner and Nicorette enthusiast Craig Pridemore. 

Pridemore, who last month filed to run for the office on the November ballot, was one of three candidates for the appointment to fill the seat's unexpired term. 

While selecting Pridemore would have been the commissioners' practical, responsible, and public-relations-friendly choice, Mielke reminded the audience in the room that "Doing the right thing should never get in the way of fulfilling a personal agenda."

Madore smiled broadly and nodded, leaning over to his personal assistant and asking her to check his teeth for kale.

Barnes, seeing Madore talk to his assistant, cleared his throat and stood up.

"Thank you all for selecting me. Seeing Mr. Madore there talking to his the personal assistant he pays out of his personal pocket so that he can avoid public disclosure laws, despite the fact that she is not a county employee and yet has full access to county staff, meetings, and records, reminds me of something."

Barnes looked around the room and smiled. "For my first official act as county commissioner, I would like to hire my own personal assistant. This is a big job and I need support to get it right. I will be hiring former commissioner and current candidate Craig Pridemore to be my right hand. I'll pay him from my own pocket, and he will have all of the same rights as Mr. Madore's assistant."

Barnes then smiled.

"I mean, don't you think it'll be refreshing to finally have someone working on this floor again who actually understands and is qualified for the job?"


  1. OMG! You've outdone yourself, Temple! I love it!!

  2. The logical choice. I heard that Ed encountered some recent sources of income that should help defray the costs of an "personal administrative assistant".